Steps Involved In the Attestation of Marriage Certificate

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A legal document which is provided by a particular country’s concerned authority signifying that two individuals are married is known as a marriage certificate. This particular certificate is required when an individual needs to apply for another country’s residency. Marriage certificate attestation Dubai services are being provided by a variety of registered agencies. If people are facing any sort of difficulties then they can surely visit these agencies to get help with their marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi.

Categorization of Documents

Documents attestation fall in three categories and this depends upon a documents nature, its shared characteristics, and the particular government department that should be contacted. The certificates which need to be attested include an individual’s educational documents, their personal and commercial documents too. An individual’s attestation of marriage certificate falls in personal documents category. This is because of a marriage certificate’s nature and its purpose.

Involvement of Governmental Departments

The attestation of marriage certificate involves the submission of the marriage certificate by a particular party to the concerned departments of a nations’ government. This includes a particular governmental authority which was involved in the issuance of a marriage certificate. It also includes a country’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, a nation’s localized embassy which was involved in the issuance of the certificate.

Requirement of Documents

One needs to submit some additional documents with their marriage certificate. This includes the submission of an individual’s original certificate of marriage, both partners’ authentic identity cards. One also needs to submit their passports and an authority letter which involves the attestation of the marriage certificate. All these essential documents need to be submitted with their photocopies.

The Process of Attestation of Marriage Certificate

In a particular nation, one needs to contact the involved issuing authority for the attestation of the marriage certificate. After this process the certificate is sent to a country’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” and here the officials verify a particular marriage certificate’s attestation. After all this process the certificate is submitted to a nation’s local embassy. Like this, the process is completed and one can easily travel to another country. This process often requires time so individuals can take help from certain agencies who offer the services of attestation of marriage certificates. But one should always opt for those agencies which are professional and have experienced team mates.